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The first wave of early spring knit retro from the twisted flowers
Spring green, grass tip not to come out then a piece of green sweater urged a bar. Irregular length of the design, pattern different patchwork, refreshing. Broad feeling, no temperature on the request, knit really began to fly their own.

Strand sweaters have a common feature, that is, looks very thick. It seems the only way to get the three-dimensional pattern, showing the knit simple but not vulgar nature. Hit the color and pattern at the same time, Ling playful playful, more or less not to give you a different wear experience.

Knit can not wait to show the romance of the spring, the shirt will not slow half beat. The combination of knitting and shirt, save the trouble with. moncler women The word shoulder is no longer sexy, because the stripe is the most casual, set off in the three-dimensional knit look more lines are delicately delicate.

moncler outlet ?The simplest and natural gesture of twisting is twist, or the twists we know now mostly begin with twists and turns. The return of the pattern gives us a sense of intimacy, as if the mother's companionship has always been, from young to young, welcome the years soft.

Loose oversize gives the twist more opportunities for self-esteem, and that careless attitude is lazy and poetic. Pure color is very good, you can show the integrity of the pattern, add a little bit of intellectual moncler coats precipitation precipitation confidence, it is a soft urban beauty.

Color will not only be popular season, vegetation green just fine, spring is an appropriate time, how can a less sweatshirt it? The pattern has been enlarged, three-dimensional feeling reduced, but the bat sleeves naturally with sex but never reduced by half.

Thick thick knit thick sense, and will not affect our love knit shirt. Light colors than the grass green less a little fashion sense, but it presents a different sense of style. Irregular patterns arranged in a very interesting, so simple color more rich together.

The formation of twists and turns is the distortion of twist, and often show the elegant sense of Ling grid. Combined together but make people think so appropriate. This purple is not soft enough not fantastic, but not dignified and generous, but revealed a casual manner, especially with the cowboy with.

Want elegant soft? Choose simple colors, choose delicate patterns. After all, knitting has a great deal moncler men of plasticity, whether it is the BF style of random or fine knit soft knit can be just right. Slightly horn trumpet, superior temperament, full screen intellectual wind.