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Refused to hit the shirt, the design of the new cutting-edge shirt style
The shirt is an essential wardrobe, but the basic models will inevitably look aesthetically exhausted. A new design will not only refresh the aesthetics, but also avoid collisions moncler outlet and make you feel fresh.

moncler jackets Cancel the conventional lapel and open button, the body of the body hit the color and the round neck tie to create a new bright spot, add a sense of geometric modern lady style, refreshing chiffon shirt easily integrated into the spring and summer wear.

Diamond strands form a concave-convex texture. The texture details of the vertical bars help to reduce the size. The geometric embroidery of the collar and cuffs enhances the highlights of the model, leaving the white shirt look fresh and refined, combining the stand-up collar against classical literary temperament.

With a bandage instead of a button to adjust the size of the V-neck, the thin sexy charm appears to be self-contained. The burgundy with white looks refreshing and youthful, the red lips echoes the skin with a more refined white appearance, and the addition of less sophisticated accessories adds lighter charm.

The hem splices sweet lotus leaves, no need to tie it down and let it naturally fall into a model highlights, according to the principle of loose tight under moncler jacket the skin, under the tights or leggings with shorts can make the overall balance.

Lacing a shirt with such a fire is closely related to its sweet freshness and vitality. When wearing a single-time dress, it will be able to have a good ratio when it is put into the bottoms. When you take a look inside, you will see the collar and remove the old-fashioned dreary and make the whole youthful and feminine. Enthusiasm.

Lace stitching, strappy V-neck velvet plus velvet This jacket is really playful, but because it is the black of the sea, the fabric contrast and moderate appearance can make it stylish and outstanding, cool and arrogant design sense velvet coat is eye-catching. bright.

Cool handsome and gentle white shirt, the design focus is heavy embroidery tie, flower and bird tie moncler outlet plus a unique tip collar can be cool and exquisite, irregular lotus leaf sleeves soft and dynamic, chiffon light lines and smooth, with excellent visual Effects and wearing experience.

The island-inspired printed shirts are perfectly coordinated with the scenery. They wear the holiday's leisure and romance. When wearing them, they are equipped with a simple bottoms to balance the style. Among them, the A-line skirt is a playful young woman, and the overalls are elegant. The pants are the most arrogant.

The front hollow square and the outside of the sleeves arranged in order to enhance the geometry of geometric hollow stitching design, but also makes the shape more light and breathable, with a high waist to download the optimal proportion, with a pencil skirt or wide leg pants can create intellectual thin workplace dress up.