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Nickname outside the beginning of the winter woolen coat to start
moncler men What to wear in winter? Knit down jacket made to protect, it seems not yet time. The late autumn winters of the most exciting single product is, of course, woolen coat. Lapel or hooded, solid color or hit color, even if it is common elements encountered wool coat should also be another taste.

Medium length woolen coat, must be the best partner below the height of 160, the length of just so that the temperature and grace will not be missed. Slightly swept shoulder design embellished with the exquisite embroidery, the sense of ethnic style spontaneously, so temperament even more color.

Accustomed to the monotonous lapel suit? Take a look at how lapel changes self. Unique perspective and lines, and unique tonal characteristics of wool related. Small embellishment is a playful little daughter mind, pure and clean blue, with white is absolutely eye-catching enough, afraid of autumn and winter fashion enough?

Hit a small color embroidery pattern how line? Want to make the color to a more thorough point, in addition to the point line surface splicing, you can also have a fringe breakthrough. Look, irregular colorful fringed rules embellished in the sleeves and placket, so that color in the wind blowing elegant.

Hit color to be interesting in addition to the unique selection of ways, you can also moncler women choose a unique graphics. The existence of love is not only based on the different colors to show, but also rely on patchwork to complete the overall significance of the pattern. moncler coats Even a black woolen jacket can not be vulgar tenderness.

Met thousands of wonderful, only checkered forget. Plaid is both simple and complex, simple changes in the line almost does not change, the complexity is that the color of the collision can fill the gap line. Gray-based, white, supplemented, the square is the most square to show the charm of the checkered.

Tweed visual effects in a sense, is also a hit color, but the color is cut apart, there is an unspeakable balance between broken and complete. Purple purple touch, because of the double breasted, it seems more perfect self-cultivation effect, just a good length is more perfect.

Dark gray temperament in line with the exception of outstanding, black and white pieced illusion has been affecting our lives. The emergence of animal embroidery contains the sophistication and self-confidence of Chinese retro, so that women's soft and man's courage combine to form the power of wool coat.

The beauty of the contour coat is that the line is the shape, there is no restraint of the curve seems to be able to feel more beautiful curves. Black print, visually more restrained and confident. Of course, this style is suitable for tall and leggy temperament beauty, otherwise it will be counterproductive.