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Downy selection of petite girls must see articles
Short down jacket for petite girls, the biggest advantage is that wearing down jacket can still see people. what? What does it mean? Simply put, dressed to highlight the beauty of the wearer, thick bloated clothing will make people submerged in clothes, short down jacket will not.

Small also want to wear out of the atmosphere, is not no solution, simple and neat short paragraph jacket, with seven wide leg pants, is the trend of many people appearance rate wear. Black lace at the zipper design, stylish personality, highlighting full of girls heart.

Caramel, caramel, caramel ... ... I do not know when and where we have heard too many times, "caramel is the most popular color of the year" quietly has been instilled into our minds. When the popular color caramel + must-haves down jacket, will certainly not in the winter fire Do not da ~

Even know short paragraph down jacket is most suitable for petite girls to wear, but there will be very afraid of the cold girl to consider the temperature and choose a longer down jacket, then the selection of the most important point is the length above the moncler jacket knee, because this can still create "Big Long Leg" visual effects.

Although the high gray and black and white, are the basic color, but it has an inherent sense of superior fashion; a large dark color bright collar, invisible highlights the urban women's sense of fashion; with just right Accessories, modern sense of full. Sure enough, dressing, matching is the key.

Remember the lyrics are like this, "too can not get, do not get more want," everyone will have such a psychology, but this mentality applies to anything, in the dress is also true . We often know too much and too long clothes for petite girls, "pressure a child," but because it is not suitable to wear such clothes, so there is no wardrobe, so will want to wear more. Here, to the petite girl a suggestion, if you want to choose long paragraph down jacket, be sure to choose self-cultivation section.

moncler jackets Slim models of long down jacket will have a thin and long visual sense, so let the wearer appear tall and thin, which coincides with the original intention of petite girls dressed in dress, pure white, romantic and beautiful, with Korean drama actress feeling.

If the white down jacket is the Korean actress, then black down jacket is a modern girl. Simple and capable small stand-collar down to the ankle moncler sale down jacket, directly with the boots as one, was significantly better results, with a long sweater self-cultivation, highlighting the exquisite body curve, walking in moncler jacket the street, keep returning hundred percent.