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Don't be afraid of leg short legs. If you choose it, you call it a pretty one.
The short-shouldered fashion girls should not miss the enchanting closeness of the knit bell-bottoms, which is the most important evidence for verifying the body type. The proportion can not meet the requirements of the golden section, and it depends on the height from which the bell mouth is divided. Enjoy the big, swaying and unexpectedly miss the knit leisurely.

Contrast stitching on the side seams once straggled people's attention. It is like the treason of adolescence alone. Only if the school uniform is bound to become an imprisonment as soon as possible, it can be turned around in time. The loose streamline with side seams is the best care for the legs. Outside with a dancer's moncler coats usual radiance.

The herringbone's classics can not help but think of certain legendary and old movies, as if they have their own charm. They can be both intellectual endorsements and noble connotations, with the help of high waist wide leg pants. , Not to mention big-name classics, a single gas field will be able to top the world's popular T-Taiwan.

moncler sale The most perfect bell-bottoms are the full-length models, which is undoubtedly the savior for fashion girls whose leg length is always poor, and the expansion of their knees is driven by the graceful support of high-heeled shoes. High-fidelity show, more sexy ambiguity foot looming.

The high-waist wide-legged flared trousers with constant mainstream trends, coupled with herringbone's tasteful classics, evoked the sensibility of romanticism while emphasizing the proportions of the figures, and was less intrinsically natural and clever. However, it has become a bit more magnificent leisurely and elegant.

If you are a bit hesitant about driving wide-leg cropped pants, I do not know how to position your own legs, it is better to moncler men consider the hypostatic situation of this external pressure trousers line, the prominence of the front pants line, with a self-evident and dignified Nothing sounds as if it were silent, and all are eye-catching and delicate.

To wear wearing moncler outlet Balmoral pattern, this is not a special law, but it is also the supremacy of the lattice pattern, there is no obvious color contrast, supplemented by the wide-leg cone of the universal self-cultivation, revealing exactly Plaid play the most valuable invaluable connotation, the atmosphere is not lost.

Wide leg nine points, not to mention the height is not so harsh, even the leg type also gives the greatest tolerance, of course, the most critical return is to make you look good, do not have to vulgar to flow out of the current will be able to achieve extraordinary, absolute It is a wild model of a wide-leg pants world.