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Big legs long legs, woolen jacket to protect
This year's ultra-fire shirt woolen jacket, is definitely the gospel of a small woman, according to the inspiration at the beginning of the design, specifically the length of just right card stuck in the thigh, trance moncler outlet is like stealing a boyfriend's shirt, Ready to come out of the sexy block can not stop.

A touch of sky blue, inexplicable with an elegant atmosphere, probably because of bleak and bleak season of the relationship, there will always be a large show of superficial shallow, on the contrary, the delicate little short paragraph is not the same, from the inside out Is a chic, casually with a small skirt can be out of the street.

A little more retro, with a little embroidered elements of the woolen jacket is not bad, do not look is a short paragraph, the gas field did not lose long section, used to concave shape what is more appropriate, and, bring their own eye physique, inadvertently Will be able to detonate the turnaround, as if blessed in the old times in general.

If the woolen coat itself is a big way to go, do not try too easy to jump off the color and too exaggerated style, out of grade. Simple look, not only good to wear, but also particularly engaging, the key is that there is almost no risk of outdated, so good, really want to refuse are not bear.

moncler jackets However, to be fair, a woolen jacket, if neat to a certain extent, might as well direct to the direction of high-end business wind hard, only a buckle trimmed woolen jacket is a typical example, smooth version, That is, more proverbs to play to the extreme, a taste, the moncler jacket extraordinary commonwealth can know.

Is really no confidence in their own words, may wish to choose for decades as a popular black woolen jacket, for the time being no matter, at least, in the historical stage of dress up and building, has been very active, so the eyes closed Into the line, classic, wayward.

And black woolen jacket is different, the popularity of the red woolen jacket is relatively weak, only some specific festivals and occasions to get, especially introverted woman may not be worn once a year, but not Wear is carry on, wear, it must be bright spot.

Uphold all the advantages and disadvantages of the principle of all the same, wool coat is the same, eye-catching enough daily, not eye-catching day-to-day, compromise consideration, law-abiding College coat the best, low-key without losing the atmosphere, full of capital Is a belly book of vision, not to mention more intellectual, with the nowhere to place the big legs, splintering minute piece of film.