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  • See from the windbreaker charm woman to remember
    With fantastic colors, pink purple is almost every stop growing up in the course of a romantic girl's next stop, if you can promise even a little life, a little warm and elegant, stunning but not to resist thousands of miles of unattainable , Swaying mirror in the ideal person who is the most wanted to be that person.

    Like the retro style of the girls are the story of the wizard, even if the moncler sale story has not happened, it has long been very different flavor, more than a movie such as snow float the background, never so pure, numerous simple but distinctive lone height And intellectual.

    Who never was the girl who never grow up, love the old window shawl retro British grandmother, even walking in the street is a ladylike elegant lady wind, but my heart is still a pretty love of flowers and plants of pretty urchin, finely dyed Delicate hand in hand.

    Dare to face the heart of hearty, just the courage of invincible youth, and perhaps this is gentle and gentle eyes of art and literature in the eyes of rebellion, but also assertive personality uninhibited, a little away from quite satisfactory, somewhat leisurely and casual, after all, Handsome is also an indispensable necessity.

    Want to do their own life big girl, love this touch of warm earth color, to provide every day magnificent constant source of motivation, moncler coats but still inadvertently leaked deep inside the little secret, Elastic sleeve cuff Lantern sleeve Ying moncler women Ying Drawstring charming, could not conceivable pretty grounded atmosphere.

    No buttons are not sad, a belt of madness and crazy, in the temporary period of farewell skirts, the belt is to allow skirts swaying to continue the best weapon, a ring steal the spotlight, is a big brand or star Fan children clearly visible, slender Highlights show up so simple.

    moncler jackets Add some sense to the coat, the feeling of moncler outlet youth naturally not moncler men so fast away, the creative may be derived from uniforms moncler jackets sports section, side seam color stripe rendering, not just fresh, important is good-looking, although not dream of returning to school, Sleeveless pumping lantern sleeve is sweet and romantic affectionate love.

    Before the epaulettes are young and handsome analysis, here is the casual navigation of the next shoulder, the bright outline of moncler jacket the iconic personality style of the atmosphere can be lace double breasted time wise intellectual elegant dignified, but also play Leisurely leisurely leisurely expensive expensive lazy.

    2017-12-06 09:53:54
  • Let's meet winter with warmth
    We are accustomed to the winter gesture, accustomed to dress changes in the winter. So we are more than happy to find a chic feeling between bloated and warm. Silver-gray temperament is very good, lantern sleeve is very pleasing, people directly ignore the embarrassing issue because of the season.

    The hooded fur collar is visually warm enough, plus the big pockets that hold the chill in the winter and what to worry about in the winter. Gold velvet luster and blue-blue publicity have done a little concession, so down jacket to show a little casual temperament, a little bit less bound more natural.

    moncler jacket No way, always feel that grid is a part of life, and occasionally feel tired, until the next shopping time, still can not help but watch more. Thicker and velvet lattice jacket, revealing the inside of the warm, with calm and steady colors offset winter unrest.

    Even if the classic khaki color blend hit the color of the personality, but still able to maintain its own uniqueness. Suitable for a wide range of 20 to 30 years old distance and can not show differences through the coat. The benefits of hooded is to make the lines a little less sharp increase in the mild winter.

    When the neatness of the woolen hair incorporates the visual effects of the mohair, what about the furry warmth? On the one hand increased the feeling of warmth, on the one hand so bloated became thin fashion. Gray temperament always reminiscent of those who work hard in the workplace tolerance extraordinary.

    In contrast with the fur collar, wool seems a bit thin. However, this large fur collar has been enough to attract the attention of winter. Collar cuffs echoes, set off the girl dressed in delicate and exquisite, the color is so sweet, open the endless possibilities of colorful.

    Xu is the TV series to see more, met so full of classical cloak could not give up. Pure white monotone, because the exquisite embroidery and color with just the right to form a plain and fresh retro atmosphere. This cloak is suitable for you when you are young.

    Warmth is not only external, internal control of the moncler outlet warmth, the choice of Waichuan a lot more likely. Cashmere thickened pullovers, warmth is self-evident, personal modification, low-key do a moncler sale primer of their own. Simple straight skirt is the winter feel you want.

    2017-12-04 09:51:52
  • Really, what kind of plaid coat do you want?
    Plaid is actually a line and color of the game, we are indulging in this game entertain. Small playful wit in the fur coat in the gas field is not so important, perhaps take a literary skirt, so the overall feeling is elegant and literary, just as early winter restrained.

    In the usual lattice into a thousand birds plaid, which is a double lattice, but let us see the endless possibilities of color collision. Pure white turtleneck knit shirt can do just that, can be a good background to bring out the confidence of the lattice, continue to maintain the momentum of fashion.

    Winter is still a little more bright, Plaid understands this truth, so able to resolve the red publicity, so bright and not so swagger. The same is a large grid superimposed with a small grid, with different colors to make a similar wool moncler men coat showing a different visual effects, more light and more comfortable.

    moncler women Soft personality relies on the simplicity of color. The gentle blue has always been obvious to all, even if combined with the white rice, into a little gray temperament, the overall is still fresh and moncler jackets comfortable. As a new career beauty, your winter may need a plaid coat to enhance color.

    Have to mention retro, after all, Plaid was first popular when it is far away from our present world. Plaid allows us to have the opportunity to spy once beautiful. After years of precipitation more and more powerful, and this is why we obviously used to but still can not refuse Plaid reasons.

    Plaid try to combine with different fashion, initially a large lapel, and later is a fork design, then the playfulness of the lantern sleeves, and finally began to choose the color. With so many eye-catching elements, we just remember the uniqueness of the whole, discovering dissimilar aesthetics in the similar lattice world.

    Quartet four positive grid, always reminiscent of the city grid, divided so clearly. But for woolen coats, such a plaid will never make people feel depressed, and some fashion sense is worn on the body to be understood. Even if the color is not color, the effect may not be bad.

    In Plaid integration into the wave elements, contrasting black and white mixed with different ways to hit the color contrast is not so crisp, but the boundaries should not be lost. Temperament section of the wool coat about all like this, is the workplace neat and tidy, is the life of the mavericks.

    2017-11-30 09:58:29
  • Chop season again, Amway a wave of coat it
    Met ten million kinds of style, the only check can not forget. This season there is a classic nice looking check coat must not be wrong. First of all, does not mention how the nature of the checkered autumn and winter, just to give us that kind of feeling of youthful rotten enough to impress the winter.

    Check the pattern there are many kinds of retro irreplaceable good heart. Slightly contoured coat, a little unruffled, but not too much, still a kind of college-style bookish. The checkered color is very Western, the sense of literary care to take care of very appropriate.

    Plaid gives the impression that people are not very smooth, and the tweed personality a bit like, in fact, it is just the visual illusion Bale. When the West met the essence of the East, such a wool coat is not worth Amway it? Embroidery stitching eye-catching but covered a lot of style.

    To say that plaid is a color hit no one who is not convinced, but when it comes to hit color we do not have to confine themselves in the Plaid. Striking colors do not lose the wonderful checkered. Burgundy white red bean paste, belonging to the temperament of young people, trying to put on a mature look, but accidentally revealed the confidence of the age reduction.

    The way you moncler women hit a color is no longer as straightforward as point-and-plane, and the color scheme for details can be much more than you think. Beige coat is very wild, do not pick moncler men the age, but since the lotus hit the color participation, life has become a look, it seems suddenly young ten years old.

    moncler men Cocoon-type thickening, warm feeling far less than the visual effects created by the material more impact. Although not as full as Mohair plump, but really let people see the winter gesture. Tweed stitching, so that the same color of the colorful charm unique.

    Mature point to choose a solid color wool coat, of course, to avoid those sweet and bright colors, simple earth color or style of the brown coffee is a good choice. But woolen coat worth Amway and not just the success of color choices, but also because of the large lapel line enough eye-catching.

    Give you a possibility of maturity, of course, give you an idea of selling Meng by age. Soft and elegant purple, not the same sweet vision. Without a large lapel of Zhang Yang, seems to be able to show a little Chinese retro means, the most wonderful is the folding of lantern sleeves, like to hide a lot of careful thought.

    The last benefit is to the student party. Do not mind getting too sweet when you're 18 years old, moncler jackets after all, that's the best gift of the age. Shallow bean green, less publicity, and more or less gentle, college breath full lapel with trumpet sleeves of the small mind, enough to make 20-year-old wonderful.

    2017-11-28 09:54:22
  • Summer cool and stylish shoulder bag with you spend time together
    Into the summer, it is inseparable from such keywords summer, when the only wishful thinking dress small, the fabric less the better, this truth even if the mouth does not say the body will be very honest to respond. Daily refreshing, comfortable vacation, you can also Fun High-end fashion walk in the forefront of the trend, this summer menacing dew Shoulder, ready to deal with it?

    Word shoulder exposed moncler outlet umbilical jacket + extra long leg pants, the United States shoulder, abdomen show together, so that the body and the proportion of the small shirt no matter what the next take what the effect will not be poor, the most refreshing blue and white season, Long create atmosphere.

    No abdominal muscle does not matter, you can try to strapless dress, the United States with the United States shoulder the same proportion as the legs drop properly, not afraid of his waist waistband, hit the color stripes to make the white dress more distinctive, shirt fabric to build, you can adapt to everyday, More romantic holiday.

    To a group of low-key charm of the color, because with the word shoulder this bright spot will not let the entire shape dull, simple and no lack of design, elegant color highlight the texture.

    Three-dimensional flounced blouse filled with romantic atmosphere, oblique shoulder weakened the horizontal ratio, semi-covered semi-subtle elegance, along with the color to make shape a matter of course, the complexity of the utility model is high.

    From the shoulder to the upper bound to wrap the chest coat, large lotus leaf edge is very bright and domineering, unilateral sliver shape with a strong sense of design exquisite charm, with the same color dark stripe pants supporting, it is suitable for testing fashion sense, Win big face.

    moncler coats Set is a one-stop shortcut to fashion, in particular, to choose from the popular elements, not complicated to complete the mix, hanging strapless shirt, only at the edge of the small lotus leaf embellishment, it was a girl full of beauty and detail, Do not have to worry about the fat problem, Pompon skirt a princess dream.

    Fake two attacks, one won multiple levels, shame was thin unparalleled detail on the upper body, strapless, hit moncler jacket color and geometric patterns, a combination of beauty to add harmony, the lower body was tall and thin enough, simple and balanced, a look It is a very know how to dress with the girl.

    One-shoulder shirt with a neck tie is very significant body and temperament, a strong sense of ceremony, and formal occasions are also very lively, fresh colors are also very seductive, coupled with a simple texture of the pencil skirt, the complexity of temperament almost certain.

    2017-11-23 10:03:59
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