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  • A sweater can get the scenery, why need sad
    Under normal circumstances the girls are out of the syndrome, not out of a little clothes, is wearing this also misses that piece, even out of a street or holiday break also pick to pick to a difficult ending a satisfactory outcome, so mantra There is more in the same - good sad. As everyone knows, a sweater will be able to get the scenery, why need to spend so much of the chapter.

    Not just want to think of a child will be able to play the most lovely and romantic and without losing the true meaning of true youth, sleeves pumping the way with the Department of a bow enough, rust half of the temptation of half pure, pique youth both goods, To miss the sweet graceful time.

    Letters embroidery, tassels tail, handsome more than a little cool to the romantic, who did not think of the youth of such a personality, wearing black clothes what, youth is not only small fresh, collapse shoulder loose high waist, raised his head revealed Out of just right, not so directly but not too hypocritical, wonderful

    Velvet girls shining time, bid farewell to the classic movement of self-cultivation, to a little loose down the shoulder of the small rendering even to expansive lazy two mixed, hit color sleeves splicing is very eye-catching, full of popular fresh, but in red and blue Striped against the background of the aristocratic style.

    Wearing sweater itself is the personality of the challenges of youth fashion, there is no way to taste the so-called grade, as long as the other is like a cloud, like the long sleeves here, not wearing the ancient and modern stage of this enchanting, Unruly interpretation of the vivid.

    Jiaojiao girls love alone, this is not the end of his life is also difficult to come true, the key is the key to reorganize the proportion of body, long-sleeved hooded small high waist, in the era of high waist pants smooth, Waistline slim slim, more long legs of the long long grace.

    Do not say the same paragraph of the planet embroidery sweater is to follow the star's footsteps moncler outlet all the way to keep popular, another point of view to see this thing to share, with the girl heart, who can not love this gathering of fantasy color Barbie tone, , Back to seventeen years moncler coats old.

    Is not very Royal sister style children, black paste leather edge is walking cloak line, of course, can not resist the bones of his handsome handsome, like the protagonist aura, all the way without rehearsal leisurely leisurely, irregular clothing directly challenge the traditional Sweater classic, playful guest a mystery.

    moncler men Play the disappearance of the indispensable in the long section, to create the best effect of the temptation to lure, to the longer is shorter than the short section, shorter than the short section of the golden section, coupled with the sleeves Hooded loose straight , Although a little BF wind, however, the contrast is the fashionable girls slim and exquisite.

    2017-10-20 09:59:41
  • Pattern design knit skirt where the season there are difficulties?
    Has always been convinced that no knitted autumn is not stable, about the expectations of knitting too high, the same temperature and grace can not be less. But fortunately knitting never let moncler outlet us down, so this expectation is getting higher, and firmly believe that there is no knitting season season no problem.

    01 knitted dress is a big classification in knitting, although not as good as the cardigan can control the temperature increase and decrease, but to cope with the confidence of the season or some. Slightly loose style, dotted with lace design, solid color becomes less monotonous, enough youth is also enough leisure time.

    02 stripes can not mention the classic, and blue and white stripes is the classic in the classic. Although the color has not changed, although the way the stripes are also very common, but the whole dress gives the feeling is very personal, with the usual mild nature is quite different, perhaps because the collar cuff knitting thread unique visual bar.

    03 in the time did not become a ride, knitted dress or need a little personality. Solid color skirt may be ready to take a ride, but the lantern sleeves decorated with exquisite embroidery, knit is unwilling to people after moncler coats the self-confidence. Seductive view of the rusty red quite temperament.

    04 to keep a little innocence is a small knit dress is sure, the heart of the joy of quietly exposed. Hit color to form a playful little fox, sleep Meng lovely shape and then decorated a few three-dimensional flowers, so full of color, hit the color out of a new realm, very unique little cute.

    moncler coats 05 how to play color how to forget the innocent appearance of it? Just pure white like, more highlights the color of publicity, do not need too much, appear in the right position effect will make you surprised. Speaker cuffs, stripes hit color, loose skirt is still literary and artistic play.

    2017-10-18 10:11:44
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