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  • OVERSIZE, fur jacket you wear right?
    Not plump fluffy, but also without losing the magnificent luxury, glossy skin and plush fur cross each other, both manifesting the unconscious warmth, but also comes with one-third of high cold, combined with black Extreme white and cool, is indeed a witty and blatant defeat.

    There is a warm existence of love, since this season's exaggerated big cuffs are stylish protagonist, it is necessary to show eye-catching aura, waved enough to take away a large cloud, but the taste of warmth without losing a small sense of freshness, have to thank shallow Brown collar of intellectual introverted, reduced by age silent.

    No collar and relatively light streamline, is a classic small incense, accompanied by a broad-sleeved, but also enough to dominate the oversize of the light, all the highlights need to be exaggerated, but there is no simple flirting, on the contrary, relatively low Wan Khaki's taste and connotation of the low-profile luxury extravagant.

    If positive youth time, but also soft-fledged fur, why not play point lamb cake popular, with the moncler jacket fur plush thick lamb lamb hair comes with a small curl, like a child enough time To the shallow romantic love, playful always seems hidden in the pure love.

    Bead rendering is often icing on the cake, not expensive and luxurious, but hand-cut velvet playful but let the style instantaneous reversal, completely vulgar and Mei can not see the Jiao 鐩? accompanied by the students born is the fresh sweetheart sex , Loose shoulders cute tender lovely.

    Fur can also be very handsome, which is a long time ago with a classic belt buckle stand collar is not exactly the same route, simple, three-dimensional package edge stitching, outside the zipper buckle decorate, it seems to be a little retro little romantic, Playing handsome can also charm extraordinary.

    Since it is the standard jacket models, of course, can not stand collar and rib side, then the classic but streamlined but also carefree moncler sale machine, zipper rendering and belt buckle stand-collar so that shearing is not only playful playful tenderness, add a little heroic Only more worthy of real youth.

    moncler jacket Not to mention a small fresh world as pure as the ancient Well Lan, after all, the youth are hidden in the germination of each person, like the fur rolled the belt buckle, surrounded by the unruly, the release of the passion, handsome enough to attract innocent net Unconscious love.

    2018-02-08 10:08:05
  • Suit to wear upper body, minute out
    moncler jackets It is a great youth, do not disappoint oh ~ publicity personality, wear out a unique personal style, to declare my fashion attitude to the world, as long as my favorite elements can wear on the body, bold hit color, Letter badges, fashion sports wind, nothing can not.

    Do not like tightly wrapped the body's sense of restraint, like relaxed and comfortable relaxed and comfortable. Baggy casual shoulder sleeve inadvertently a bit more lazy taste, soft knit and soft gray card, so simple and not simple clothes, even more texture.

    Rare winter encounter rare sunny, it is better to take advantage of good weather, about a few friends girlfriends, go out together and walk around with it. Loose hooded sweater + knit skirt, with a small yellow bag and comfortable white shoes, filled with a vibrant fashion youth, but also very suitable for today's occasions Oh ~

    As a grid control, whether it is a large grid or a small grid, whether it is the classic black and white grid, or stylish color plaid, have no resistance. This section is the most classic black and white Check, really love ah, with a black sweater, almost perfect match.

    Intoxicating wine from people intoxicating tempting burgundy and deep wisdom of deep navy blue intertwined, showing us a low profile and elegant lines of style, skirts at the skirts hit the color vertical bar, but also a good modification Female figure moncler outlet curve.

    Every time you see the black and white pleated skirt, always involuntarily think of the elegant piano, fingertips to bring the moment to slide the slide to bring the wonderful enjoyment moncler sale of the ears, in fact, pleated skirts are similar to the same place, walking between elegant and Smart , Brings us a beautiful visual enjoyment.

    See this section clothes, your first reaction is what? Blowing the gas field, or graceful figure of the body, or to highlight the personality of the irregular skirt? Do not tangle Oh, no matter what kind of, this is your best reason for falling in love with it.

    In the busy city life, I suddenly realized that passing day by day was so rapid that time was the most precious. People in the fashion industry know this truth more clearly, so handmade things are more valuable. For example, the hand-made beading on this piece of cotton cloth is the best embodiment of a woman's pursuit of exquisite life.

    2018-02-06 10:04:25
  • Stylish knit single product, make the shape even more colorful
    In addition to the endless number of wild basic color single product is the main wardrobe in winter, but also need a few bright single product to help shape the color, lit gloomy winter, the bottom is not a single wear, warm and warm fashion knit single product on the line, Let modeling charm index rise, the heart also followed warm up.

    Stitching straps, from the shoulder to the arm conspicuous strap decoration, can effectively block the decorative arm fat, skirt pleated splicing, from heavy to light smooth transition rich modeling level, resistance to see the solid color skirt is not only a single style, but also the most solid Wear a primer.

    Irregular spell color and tailoring, Morandi color tone is not only visual comfort moncler women resistance is also very significant resistance to high-level, full of geometric beauty of the oblique spell color to break the expansion of the monochrome block, split hem to increase the waist line adds style, quite kind of " Different levels of distance "in the free artistic conception, in the quiet interpretation of individuality.

    moncler jackets V-shaped spell color, with a horizontal contraction of the vertical extension of the visual effects, white fresh brighten, bright gray silk shine, light blue and the lower part of the blue with the same color line fit, semi-high collar does not have a moncler sale long neck pick a good temper, a simple Pieces to moncler women solve the problem with the skin and.

    Color gradient, increasing from white to black, fresh, neutral, texture, steady layers of progress, lining color, was thin, to mention the waist line, enhance the sense of design these demands are virtually realized, can hold simple and rich , Is the perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

    Jacquard pattern, complicated and changeable but arranged in orderly Nordic style brims with exotic, with retro and age effect, fresh and bright color and natural, select the same color of a single product to match, highlight the winter Style.

    Brightly decorated, good texture black sweater is the basic wardrobe essential, dotted with diamonds, breaking the single pattern to a big step into the trendy, serious with playful and romantic, with a shiny skirt, hold live, etc. Important occasions, modeling a hundred percent fine.

    Art jacquard, white blue and white blue and white blue and white porcelain is generally fresh and elegant, loose short paragraph wearing no burden, was significantly thin style, you can change the method to release shoulder neck clavicle charm big V collar, winter clothes become sexy interesting stand up.

    Cloak profile, double-sided two-color cloak inside and outside the two sweaters worn, the second element of the line depicts a virtual third piece of clothing, virtual reality fun, loose silhouette cover the fat comfortable and comfortable, high collar and lantern sleeves Shoulong vision retention temperature.

    2018-02-02 10:14:04
  • Monotonous walk away, comfortable cape coat over
    Cloak coat is a combination of coats and cloaks, but also the ease of play, with long or short sleeves, wearing warmth and more stable, then add some details of the design, the recognition will be greatly enhanced, first look up to people how Cloak coat interpretation of a variety of everyday style:

    Dark gray cloak coat + fur jeans + light gray short boots, everyday single-item combination of texture, double-sided textured cape abstract embroidery to enhance the details of the beauty, big lapel is self-cultivation, take the thin moncler sale low-key, Delicate feeling, bright red lips.

    All with a cloak with a half-length skirt, two sets of design color and tailoring are in the upper body, the lower body single item is not low fashion, perfect with the overall, exposed and not exposed leg wear each have their own characteristics, it is worth learning.

    Beginning with the earth tones with the most fall and winter flavor, cream rum creamy creamy and warm heart-saving, cape-cut with a strong tolerance, the most wonderful design is a scarf, knotted round and well-behaved side bow, Instant visual convergence, hit the hearts of one second.

    For only one season wool coat requirements, that is, to strive for the classic value for money, so the preferred light texture of the double-sided it, soft mink fur collar to enhance the wearing experience and exquisite style, relaxed open sleeves activities freely, Simple high-level light cooked with it will not lose.

    According to the texture, cut, the details to choose wool coat, wool alpaca wool fabric with a variety of excellent combination of superior texture, geometric wind trim appears modern and elegant, the inner ring dark buckle beautiful intimate, the location of the visual center of gravity to enhance the full play High advantage, collocation on the collision without full control in accordance with the same color depth or color temperature to match the more insurance.

    Large shoulder width neck short These problems can moncler outlet be solved by a large lapel, the classic camel coat has been commonplace, then hit the color to show the new trendy, burgundy romantic charm and camel stable low profile phase balance, a bit off but not overly publicity, Creative little color bumps show good clothes in safety.

    So many coat pink can best convey the sense of peach blossom smile, with a certain degree of grayscale powder and gray is a natural pair, pink hooded cloak jacket warm and light, the other by the gray cashmere sweater and black leggings to guard , Three pure color collision clear division of labor, fresh and stylish no pressure.

    moncler men Misty red lipstick as a velvet lipstick, dull bright white is able to highlight the temperament, tailoring features a buckle to wear moncler sale like a dress, double-sided light wool warm with A word invincible was thin cloak Make wearing worry-free, you can consider using boots and purses to add tough gas field.

    2018-01-31 10:04:37
  • Downy selection of petite girls must see articles
    Short down jacket for petite girls, the biggest advantage is that wearing down jacket can still see people. what? What does it mean? Simply put, dressed to highlight the beauty of the wearer, thick bloated clothing will make people submerged in clothes, short down jacket will not.

    Small also want to wear out of the atmosphere, is not no solution, simple and neat short paragraph jacket, with seven wide leg pants, is the trend of many people appearance rate wear. Black lace at the zipper design, stylish personality, highlighting full of girls heart.

    Caramel, caramel, caramel ... ... I do not know when and where we have heard too many times, "caramel is the most popular color of the year" quietly has been instilled into our minds. When the popular color caramel + must-haves down jacket, will certainly not in the winter fire Do not da ~

    Even know short paragraph down jacket is most suitable for petite girls to wear, but there will be very afraid of the cold girl to consider the temperature and choose a longer down jacket, then the selection of the most important point is the length above the moncler jacket knee, because this can still create "Big Long Leg" visual effects.

    Although the high gray and black and white, are the basic color, but it has an inherent sense of superior fashion; a large dark color bright collar, invisible highlights the urban women's sense of fashion; with just right Accessories, modern sense of full. Sure enough, dressing, matching is the key.

    Remember the lyrics are like this, "too can not get, do not get more want," everyone will have such a psychology, but this mentality applies to anything, in the dress is also true . We often know too much and too long clothes for petite girls, "pressure a child," but because it is not suitable to wear such clothes, so there is no wardrobe, so will want to wear more. Here, to the petite girl a suggestion, if you want to choose long paragraph down jacket, be sure to choose self-cultivation section.

    moncler jackets Slim models of long down jacket will have a thin and long visual sense, so let the wearer appear tall and thin, which coincides with the original intention of petite girls dressed in dress, pure white, romantic and beautiful, with Korean drama actress feeling.

    If the white down jacket is the Korean actress, then black down jacket is a modern girl. Simple and capable small stand-collar down to the ankle moncler sale down jacket, directly with the boots as one, was significantly better results, with a long sweater self-cultivation, highlighting the exquisite body curve, walking in moncler jacket the street, keep returning hundred percent.

    2018-01-29 10:06:56
  • It is customary to have woolen skirts in winter
  • One arrived two pieces, sweater dress powerful yet
  • Double-sided cashmere coat open dignified pattern
  • The first wave of early spring knit retro from the twisted flowers
  • When graceful complex struck, non-dress can not be decrypted
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