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"Cool" new wear, spring modeling essential models
As a secret weapon of intellectual literature, corduroy has been leisurely and bleak for many times. Although it is full of people's hearts and minds, it is still lost in the elegance of a high-waisted straight tube, turning on the body, pulling up the gas field, of course. There is also a gentle and melodious serenade.

For a small white shoe and hammered a pants type, fold waist and cone moncler outlet curl can be described as perfect match, fine-sounding, even if a little less of the concept of British retro, but not completely alienated elegant intellectual love of youth reduction Age, there is an academic school with handsome children.

The nine-leg pants have long legs, which is no longer a secret, but the prerequisites are high-rise, especially checkered romance, with a natural extravagance, of course, no need for other fancy rendering, you can set the fashion for the moment, simply The game turned generous and playful.

The exaggerated streamlines are bound to be amazing. Starting from the moment of encounter, the streamlined expansion of the knees is doomed to quietly enjoy peace and tranquility. The passionate romanticism is bold and sexy. The full line is extraordinary.

To speak of romance, swaying is of course constant. In addition to skirts and flowing skirts, only wide-leg trousers can afford the topic of popularity and taste. The open line and the deduction of the pavilion make it even more elegant and elegant. British Royal Mariners are extravagant and extravagant.

To "cool" cool to the limit, this is the experience of fashionistas experience, even if only a few big patch pockets of the tooling section, can also shoot alone into a deep street scenery, European style, not rough It is just a swift youthful expression.

Just right, no exaggeration, the fashion of the bell-bottoms is like a butterfly dance is quietly debut, high-waist full-length cover and the foot of the swing, stretch the full length of the leg-stage aging, tall and delicate retro like to come, Jinghong The elegant charm of a song is, of course, beautiful.

moncler women Knowledge is not sparse fashion, self-cultivation does not forget to be tall, almost a quintessential holy trousers type moncler outlet when a few small straight, invincible and inclusive, although not a god-class changes in slender, but add a bit moncler jackets more graceful atmosphere but no problem, classic Enough to challenge all popular.