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  • My sweater is very different from yours
    The simple pullover sweater can be just as generous, and the gold velvet mix is less emboldened, and is far less natural than jeans. Fortunately, the lantern sleeves and embroidering relieved the ambiguous atmosphere. A slightly feminine femininity was enough to satisfy the skirt.

    The same is done in the sleeves. The color of the embroidery is more refined. Maybe it is because the background of the sweater is more romantic. Isn't the meaning of spring so sweet and artificial? The cuffs and hem slits break the traditional thread design of the sweater, starting from the details to make the sweater not the same as before.

    Suddenly found that designers have a special preference for the sleeves, although the wooden ear is not as delicate as embroidery, but the three-dimensional design can also create a sweet visual effect. Fortunately, the color of the sweater is like nature, it will not let the sweater lose its character.

    Fake two-piece sweaters are also very good at designing. Isn't the edge of the collar of the collar cuffs a good proof? What's more, the tailoring of the sleeves reveals the freshness of the stripes, and it can be more and more frightening. Such sweaters are not unreasonable and moncler men unpopular.

    Splicing is a very traditional element, and splicing is also a very malleable element. moncler outlet Love does not appear to express sweetness but purely to show how you break the rules. Plaid small collar, sweater has become more and more personality, so that there is nothing to say skirts.

    moncler women If you think moncler jacket that sweaters are still sticking to traditional leisure, then it's a big mistake. Fresh and sweet, sweaters can also come in handy, no you see, that a few three-dimensional flowers can be appropriate? Dark-colored flowers do not look good on a single look, but they appear to be appropriate on a pink background.

    Really did not think that hit color actually appeared in the sweater world in this way. The splicing of sleeves is already eye-catching, but it is the traditional posture of sweater. The lace splicing on the left shoulder is the most eye-catching place. It's refreshing to use the color of the jump and the sweater.

    With the integration of the style of sweater, the first thing people pay attention to is the bright, bright pocket, as if it can hold every encounter in the Spring Festival. Although the color is biased toward the royal blue, it does not see the elegance and nobleness, but there is a kind of free and easy manhood.

    The stitching of sweaters and cowboys is equivalent to the doubling of leisure. It is just a way to attract people's attention even more. After all, in the spring, when they are not paying attention, they are overshadowed by others. In this way, with the help of irregular patchwork, it is good to reach the best state of leisure.

    2018-04-25 10:03:47
  • The sense of being in a dress skirt has never been lower
    The shirts and fishtail skirts are as if they were two ordained CPs. Whenever they are in the same frame, they are in exceptional harmony. Plus, the two classic color matching bibles, white and blue, all exude a sense of freedom. Crisp perfect atmosphere, full range of ladies.

    As the weather gets warmer, the audience of the mesh becomes wider and wider. The two-piece suit is no exception. The first train that catches up with the trend catches up with the crowd, revealing the uniqueness and femininity of the woman. At the same time, without losing the innocence and playfulness, it is self-evident.

    T-shirts and strap skirts should be one of the most common types of dresses. No matter what kind of woman, as long as she wears it, she can be young and five-year-old, with no slight exaggeration, especially bright. The yellow, immature feeling is ready to come out, do not mention more than age.

    Relatively speaking, a slightly gray tone suit skirt appears to be more intellectual, it seems that nothing is done, it is already a graceful moncler sale manner everyone shows, whether it is everyday wear, or wear out, or dating and other occasions to wear , are very suitable, do not have to worry about the problem of violation.

    If you like casual style and want to experience the fairy style that only skirts can interpret, you can only choose such a suit skirt. The upper body is ordinary and can not be ordinary pink sweater, and the lower layer is a layered white yarn cake skirt. Inexplicable sparks together, both casual and fairies.

    The uniform suit skirts are suitable for more formal occasions. At first glance, they aren't arbitrarily spread goods. They wear face and face. Whenever they have their own gas field, they not only bring their own gas field, they are also quite self-cultivated. When the graceful curve came out, the feminine taste followed.

    The Hong Kong wind has always been with a touch moncler men of coolness. Even the suit skirts are no exception. White shirts and red skirts should all be taken as pure and glamorous routes. Unexpectedly, such a suspenseful course can only be turned into a neat one. Affordable children will not accept if they do not accept it.

    moncler coats A bat-sleeved knit shirt with a printed flower-lined skirt, half low-key, half public, contradictory and harmonious, it is more appropriate to wear in the present season, and it is just that you don锟斤拷t want to be too ostentatious and you want to show off. Well, it is very suitable for women with tangled disease.

    2018-04-23 09:58:48
  • The short jacket is a mystery. The answer is here.
    What must be mentioned is the denim jacket. The classic meaning is that it seems to be mundane but it is always indispensable, and occasionally it can bring you a little surprise and make you more reluctant to leave. The vintage color is old, the bright spot is behind the split design, and the button has the cowboy's insistence.

    Since you want to hide your fascination behind you, you need to wait patiently for the encounter. Cowboy blue tradition can easily conquer people's hearts, such as the blue sky after the wash is so light and natural, behind the lace design adds a little tenderness and water, can still be a model of leisure.

    The addition of candy colors is the top priority for denim to expand its audience. Only by breaking the tradition can there be more possibilities. moncler women Even floral skirts are handy. The popularity of the lantern sleeves made the denim jacket a little more free and easy, and the crispness of the lines became rich and colorful.

    Flash design is still a way for cowboys, but the moncler jackets original personality is full, and now it seems to be the case. Fortunately, it is still difficult to be replaced. The fully casual denim looks a bit more gentle, less cowboy's thickness and stiffness, and it's a matte finish.

    No fabric is better than knitwear to understand the beauty of color and softness. The soft, fluffy, mohair knitted fabric adds to the briskness of the spring, and it is also slightly covered by the coldness. The embroidered design is embellished with the word lantern sleeves and the knit threads form a little wooden ear with small details that are touching enough.

    moncler jackets There is a confidence called leisure. What kind of sweater sports shoes, package hip skirt can still wear a street fashion sense. The air-cotton fabric's stiff three-dimensional, slightly warmer than cowboy, but the stereotyped effect is not bad. With a few strokes to describe the formation of a baseball uniform to grab the mirror reason.

    Have a new understanding of gold velvet, or because of its strong counterattack, sportswear pleated skirts, all kinds of unexpected ways have become natural, let alone this short jacket neat it? Dark blue leisure is unique and can give you confidence with a bag skirt.

    The woolen short jacket is the most able to show the small fragrance, the kind of neat temperament and the strong self-confidence in the woman's bones are exactly the same. The edging design does not reduce the distinctness of the personality, but instead increases the elegance of the plain and creates a unique little fragrance.

    The luster of corduroy is not as good as gold velvet, but corduroy's grasp of color is not inferior to gold velvet, so there is absolute confidence in brick red. The large pocket design can see the bright lines, showing the focus moncler coats of the casual style of the tooling, and the effect of matching the wide-leg pants must be terrific.

    2018-04-19 10:00:11
  • Warmer seasons to wear worn jeans
    Although there is still a bit of cold in the air, the fact that the temperature has gradually increased cannot be stopped. No way, the seasons change, it was the normal cycle of nature. The same is true of the fashion industry. In a big season, cowboys can finally see the sky again.

    The short black denim jacket is nothing special at first glance. In fact, the personality is clear. Whether it's an eclectic big pocket or a back-to-back buckle, it's quite outstanding.

    Have to say, BF wind and denim clothing really come together, as if destined to a pair, each appear in the same box, are exceptionally harmonious. moncler jackets Moreover, there is no limit, as long as it is a woman who has a soft spot for casual style, you can try a veritable wild money.

    Slightly fresher, choose a lighter-colored denim clothing, a touch of blue, like the old cloth that hasn't been dyed, inexplicably simple, plus casual and stylish flashes and casual letter embellishments The whole is infiltrated with a simple deep-rooted experience.

    The popularity of broken elements was not recognized from the beginning, and it was followed by the attention of the whole people. The twists and turns of the experience were not matched by ordinary people. Otherwise, the denim clothing would not be so skilled. Especially in the young woman's group, it occupies a crucial position.

    moncler jackets Maybe it's because it's not an official type, it's loose, but it's more style, probably, this is the unique charm of jeans. They are not good at interpreting intellectuality, but they are good at interpreting and failing. They are rebellious for decades and are full of vitality.

    Always like the design of the open line, especially when it appears on the body of a denim shirt, brightly colored stitches contrast sharply with the deep blue, cleverly locking eyes in several completely different areas and unwittingly ignoring the width. , was thin to no friends.

    It must be admitted that the denim clothing is a very confident main child. The avant-garde does not have to follow the trend. It does not rely on fancy, and self-cultivation does not rely on tailoring. There are two words inside and outside, and strength. Even if there are no assists, they can live with extraordinary range of children, quite a new era of women's style.

    Zhang Yang's big red has never been a cowboy's dish. Even the independent existence of two gossips cannot be overstated. I did not expect that if the relationship were to be linked, the effect would have been unexpectedly good. The high-profile was full of luxury moncler jacket and exquisite workmanship.

    2018-04-17 10:02:31
  • Jacket shape is easy concave, spring mix and match super moncler coats fashionable
    This season's fashion color Aurora Violet moncler jackets has an extraordinary beauty, but the selection and wear it has a lot of skills, with the most black and white insurance, a large area of white compression purple range, but also make up for the picky color, in neutral colors The cool balance of its high-profile publicity, make the style dazzling and fresh.

    moncler outlet A baseball jacket full of sensibility can have a lot of dexterity. The sweet and fragrant lotus leaf is adorned in a whimsical jacket. It is fashionable and lovely. The flower embroidery embodies the romantic feelings of spring. The white jacket is pure and elegant. The white t-shirt shows the youthful sunshine. breath.

    The deep green with high saturation is matched with the right luster, and the skin color highlights the temperament. The short front and long hem help to stretch the proportion, cover the meat and increase the individuality. The folds and sleeves are full of handsome sleeves and various shapes. Drive and match different styles with slim pants or small skirts.

    Dark purple with a reddish purple retro handsome and feminine, hooded stitching, moncler men letter embroidery and pattern stickers behind the trend of many details to meet the changing personality, oversize version is thin and stylish, combined with no trousers highlight the long legs A good ratio.

    In the new year, the velvet heat does not diminish. The Royal Blue velvet jacket is both formal and casual. It is both opposite and unified. The sense of the trend and practicality are greatly enhanced, and the noble and graceful style promotes the gas. The short section of the H version is optimized and the proportion is high and thin.

    Retain the essence of baseball uniforms, highlighting neat and youthful trends, using a windproof and easy-care matte PU, in addition to wild black, low-key purple can be used with the same color or Morandi color with high-grade texture, elegant look more and more There is taste.

    Spring and autumn are the best season to wear jackets. The lukewarm weather makes the ride not need to be too thick, and the stacking does not have to be complicated. It can be handsome and comfortable and handsome. The classic style of Slim fits upright spirits and can make up the petite figure. , And most of the wardrobe items can be combined out of the mirror, use it to fight chicken blood for the wardrobe is no better.

    The leather jacket with epaulettes has a somewhat uniform style that emphasizes the strength of the English gas. The soft and delicate sheepskin is light and comfortable. The classic style can be worn with a variety of styles. It is easy to wear handsome and can be equipped with baseball cap printing. T loose trousers show the casual nature. uninhibited.

    Round neck, symmetry cut elegant lady style, oblique zipper pockets emphasize the waist at high waist, without the rebellious wind of the locomotive style, the overall well-behaved peace many, slim short paragraph can be worn with a variety of bottoms, with a simple fit section Appearance is graceful.

    2018-04-12 09:52:05
  • The tool is worn without a shirt.
  • "Cool" new wear, spring modeling essential models
  • The weather is warmer
  • Annual vacation wear small Raiders generous naturally preferred
  • Very atmospheric very coat
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